"With PopChart, our stubborn toddler was potty trained in a week compared to the several months prior and having little success."

Sara Morris, Founder of PopChart

About Us

The idea of PopChart started with a post-it note, three fighting boys and two frustrated parents. We started a point keeping system to reward good behavior but quickly found that it was unmanageable on simple post-it notes, especially when we are constantly on the go. I proposed the idea of making an app to my husband Sam, a developer; and so PopChart was invented.

Using Sam's programming skills, my art background and our combined knowledge of parenting three kiddos we are developing a modern solution to the old ways of charting chores, awarding good deeds and encouraging better behavior in kids. PopChart has been a game-changer for our family and we're thrilled to share PopChart with the world.

~ The Morris family (Olympia, Wa)

Coming Soon, support for both iOS & Android