Frequently Asked Questions

When will PopChart Family be available?

Our target public launch date is for early March 2018.

What is PopChart?

Created by a family, for families, PopChart Family is a modern and fun behavior management game/app--system for families with kids ages 3 to 12 years old, that is designed to help improve child behavior.

Inspired by what works well with print-based chore charts, behavior boards, and monetary "allowances", PopChart Family is a combination of both real-world events and a digital experience for both Parent and Kids via mobile apps on Apple, Android and the mobile web.

How much does PopChart cost?

Regarding cost, our goal is to keep PopChart Family affordable for all families who want to use it. With that said, we're looking at these two(2) subscription plans.

  • Plan, Red Apple 7 day trial then $6.99 per month.
  • Plan, Golden Pear 7 day trial then $9.99 per month.

What if we already use a paper version of a chore chart and/or a behavior board?

If your family is already using a type of Points-based or Print-based rewards system at home, you can transfer or import those points through the Parent Dashboard and then by selecting, The Bank.

If a print or paper based system is working well for your family, then awesome! Else If a paper-based system is less than ideal and cumbersome to maintain, as often is the case, then consider getting the PopChart Family Trial, 7-days for free.

What are Points?

Points are a type of virtual currency on our platform that can be earned from your Kids by completing chores, tasks, goals, or deposited or withdrawn from the Parent.

Kids can redeem their points in-app at the family store, called The Marketplace, or in the Avatar Shop on various rare and unique avatar items.

From your Parent Dashboard, you can also customize the name of the virtual currency. Instead of "Points" you could use "DonkeyDoos" or "Wiggly Wonks" - whatever you want to name them, or ask your kiddo.

Are Chores, Tasks and Goals customizable?

Yes! Chores, Tasks and Goals, are totally custom. You can schedule tasks and set to repeat or not. Once a task is completed, you optionally can receive a notification letting you know. You also can opt for other notifications like when one of your kids has made a store item purchase.

Also customizable is the family store called "Marketplace" on the PopTown map. Here you can add real-life rewards, for example like "Family Dance Party" cost 5 "DonkeyPoos"! Our kids have asked us to add this place called BoomShaka in Olympia, it’s a trampoline park that is actually pretty cool. It costs about $50 per visit so we don’t go often but in the family store, that item is worth hundreds of points. Each kid earns Points by completing chores, goals or tasks from Mom, Dad or Guardian.

What are the appropriate ages for the Kid Mode of PopChart Family?

3 to 12 years old is the short answer :)

PopChart was built with a wide age range in mind. We recommend PopChart for children as young as 3 who are just learning about chores, or for goal setting and tracking for goals like potty training.

We also recommend PopChart for ages up to 12 to 13 years old. The design of the app and the language used within the app will adapt with the kid user as they get older.

Does the Kid Mode PopChart app have chat ability?

No. Absolutely, NO outside chat with strangers.

In a future update, we would like to add chat ability between the parent and kids but no communication ability will be offered that points to outside of the app, which is one of several key components that keep PopChart secure and safe for your family.

Are there commitments or contracts?

Nope. PopChart is month-to-month. No ads, paid subscription supported.

What is your cancellation policy?

We recognize that PopChart Family service may not be a fit for every family and our cancellation policy reflects that. If PopChart Family isn't a match for you, please feel free to cancel at anytime and kindly let us know what we could have done differently to keep you onboard.

What is your refund policy?

We do not provide refunds but if you cancel at anytime and you will no longer be billed for our service. To cancel on Apple or Android, go to your iTunes or Google Play Subscription settings on your device.

Which type of devices do you support?

PopChart will be available on most devices. We plan to support iOS (iPod, iPhone, iPad) and most newer model Android devices with Google Play Services on our first release in early 2018.

How does the Avatar Shop work?

The PopChart Avatar Shop is preloaded with over 500 Avatar items, like hats, beards, eyeballs, shoes, costumes and tons more all hand drawn by Sara #mompreneur Morris. Kids can redeem their earned virtual currency ("Points"), for Avatar items and create their own specialized custom Avatar.

How does the Marketplace work?

The PopChart Marketplace is one of the stores kids may use to redeem the Points they have earned from completed chores, tasks, goals and good behavior. Parents can assign real world items as rewards and assign a Point value to them for their children to spend their points on. Parents are responsible for fulfilling these reward types. We recommend discussing these rewards with your kid(s) to see what items they are excited to earn. Rewards don't have to be extravagant, they can be as simple as picking dinner that night or reading a extra book at bedtime.

Do you have advertisements?

Absolutely, No way.

Is all of your content family friendly?

Yes, PopChart only uses content that is approved by and made by PopChart.Family.

In addition to the parent account can we add additional Parental accounts for grandparents, nannies ect.?

On the roadmap but after the initial release.

If I have a problem how do I contact PopChart?

Please, do email us at

Coming Soon for Apple & Android