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Pirate Chore Chart PDF

Pirate Theme Free Chore Chart
PDF file (1.5 MB)

You can download the PDF here or sign up to PopChart below + pdf.

This Chore Chart is:

✔︎ Free

✔︎ Fillable

✔︎ Printable

✔︎ Hand-drawn by Sara :)

PopChart + Chore Chart

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PopChart + Chore Chart
Grass kid art

"With PopChart, our stubborn toddler was potty trained in a week compared to the several months prior and having little success."

Sara Morris with Ethan, Luke & Lincoln standing near a family beach

Sara Morris, Founder of PopChart

What does PopChart do?

Modern Tasks and Chores Charts

Chore Charts from the 21st Century

Parents can customize daily, weekly, monthly or one time chores & tasks for their Popchart kids to complete and are automatically notified once they are completed.

PopChart Family Bank Account

A Major Upgrade to the Old-school Allowance System

Using the app, visit the PopChart Bank to view a complete ledger for each of your kids.

Parent Kid Behavior Boards

In-app Behavior Boards with Messaging & Virtual Reward Delivery

As the parent, you can message and reward your child when you notice a positive behavior, encouraging them to continue with the positive behavior.

K12 Achievements Icon

Positive Reinforcement with Achievements

Using our Popchart virtual currency parents can reward kids for positive behaviors and we reward them with in-app achievements, encouraging more of these behaviors.

A cutout of the PopChart Family Store

Custom Family Store, for both real-world & virtual Rewards

The PopChart Family Store is preloaded with over 500 PopChart Kids Avatar items, like hats, beards, eyeballs, shoes, costumes and tons more. PopChart Kids can redeem their earned virtual currency ("Points"), for Avatar items or custom items added by the parent, like "20 Minutes of Extra Screen Time" or "Pick the Movie on Movie Night".

PopChart is a Parent-Kid Connected app

Parent-Kid Connected App

You can decide how little to how much communication and notifications you want to receive. By default, once your kid has completed a task, you will receive a notification. You can decide to reward the task by depositing a point and/or you can leave a reply like "don't forget to also make your bed".

PopChart Security

Safety & Security

We do not and never will, ask for personal details about anyone in your family. Kid sub user accounts have the following data fields: Username, Grade Level, and a Pin number (for login/logout of the apps). The parent has full control over their PopChart Kid sub user accounts. Kid accounts are unable to upload images or chat with anyone other than the parents. Finally, Parents billing details are not stored at all by PopChart, rather by our Payment Processing partner used while signing up, most likely Stripe.com or PayPal.

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